Noticing the way light is absorbed into and glowing out of a block of non-archival aqua green mattress foam. Manipulating nail enamel to drip and marbleize. Happening upon cheap colored construction paper that has been bleached by the sun just on the outer edges and yet maintains the most lovely shade of grey blue throughout. These moments with materials that can fade, flake, and stain with the passing of time inspire in me a desire to make something that to me is strangely beautiful, something satisfyingly awkward.

Passionate experimentation, working in tandem with a dispassionate editing eye, is a major part of my process. Neither delicate nor sterile, the use of media and presentation techniques blends the raw and refined, the free and contained. The velvety matte texture of gouache paint used in large drippy paintings, accidental fingerprints, clumsy tears and rumples, seeping paint cast an unapologetic shadow. The choice to allow these little details and flaws to remain, to honor them, is where the artwork draws its breath.